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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Clean Room: OUT w/ the old & IN w/ the new

Hi my luvs,

So earlier on my journey home as I listened to A. Keys on shuffle and stared out the window on the train I had a random thought about some shoes I recently got. I was wondering when they would have their moment in the spotlight and what I would wear with them. That thought triggered a mental screen shot of my closet and all the shoes I have that I have yet to wear or have only worn once or twice. Don't get me wrong I am the first one to purchase a pair of shoes no questions asked, but as I mentally went through my closet I realized its a new year, new day and I need a new start. I hateeeee letting go of my things. I'm convinced I can always utilize them at some point in time. It's like that episode of Sex and the City when Aden moves in and Carrie needs to get rid of half her closet lol. That's how I feel, but its not necessarily a bad thing. If I get rid of stuff I do not need, want or wear anymore then I can make space for the new luxuries to come this year. At least that's the plan hehe. 

I really wonder why is it hard for us, people emotionally attached to our "things", to get rid of them? Afterall, they are just material things and can be replaced one way or another, but we hold on so tight to them. I am not sure about yall, but I take my clothes/shoes/bags VERY seriously. Letting someone borrow a pair of shoes is almost a no no depending on who they are and where they are going. It's like signing out an organ with me lol. Iunno. I had this great epiphany today that my attitude the past few weeks has been negative for lost of different reasons. The life of an up and coming fashionista can be a scary one. Lots of disappointments. It's really a 24/7 grind that you have to keep at in order to get any kind of results, but it does not make it an easy grind. As we all know nothing worth fighting for has EVER been easy, but our attitudes definitely impact our lives on a daily basis. So I figured later today I am cleaning room: out w/ the old & in w/ the new. Ofcourse it will be extremely hard, but its necessary I feel. Whatever I get rid of I am going to donate, some to the Haiti relief fund and probably give away the rest. New year, New day, New closet. Wish me luck :-).


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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Modern Headpieces

Happy Tuesday Luvs,

So wow its been close to two weeks since I last posted. The site had a technical issue that needed to be resolved. Thank God it was nothing major and now we are back up and running :-).

A few weekends ago I hung out with one of my cousins and she had a really pretty headpiece in her curly mane. It was initially a broach and she tweaked it a little bit and made it a hair clip. Aside from that being creative it got me thinking about headpieces and how much of a wonderful accessory they are these days. Now we all know jewelry is a major asset when trying to enhance an outfit, but if I have said it once then I know I have said it twice accessories are a major plus. Anything from a pair of gloves to a hair clip can turn an "Oh no" into and "Uh oh". It's a simple fact.

With that being said I wanted to dedicate this week's fierce find to headpieces (how and where) you can get them. Nowadays many retailers sell all kinds of beautiful hair accessories. My favorite stores are Aldo and Forever21. They usually have some cute unique pieces that you can put in your hair or add on to an outfit to make it pop, but aside from them there are a ton of other ways to acquire unique pieces. Since I am a NYC resident I usually opt for the streets of New York. Vendors galore especially in Soho sell amazing little stuff that can dazzle a fit. If I do not go that route then little jewelry boutique's such as Laila Rowe offer some other alternatives or even fabric stores. Fabric stores can and will be your best friend if you like to stand out.

These are some good examples of people I know (including myself) who have utilized some cool hair pieces...


~Glam Rock Shoot~

~Yourz Truly~

With that being said below are some adorable fierce finds that will jazz up any outfit. Remember when it comes to accessories in general. Be creative. Have fun. Never overdue it, but accessories make you stand out. So be bold in a good way ;-).

Name: AGE
Color: Gray
Price: $15.00
Retailer: Aldo

Name: Large Blossom Hair Clip
Colors: Black, Teal, Gray, Navy
Price: $3.80
Retailer: Forever21

Name: Goddess Headband
Colors: Silver, Gold
Price: $19.50
Retailer: Banana Republic

Name: Leopard Rosette Clips
Color: Leopard
Price: $5.00
Retailer: Afaze


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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hey Luvs,

I am having some issues with the site so blogs will be put on hold temp.

Be Back Soon ;-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

*Yanni D's Guest Diva*

It’s ya girl Jazz O, and I’m a self proclaimed fashionista and Yanni D’s Guest Diva today! I’m here representing for the curvier ladies to bring a different perspective and maybe add to your fashion repertoire. With that being said, I’m going to provide you divas with a few of my hidden plus sized shopping gems. These websites provide great clothing options that you may not have previously considered and they have stuff that is FLY! Because at the end of the day – what else matters?! So without further adieu…


  1. Dorothy Perkins (www.dorothyperkins.com) – This UK based retailer is like a Top Shop but with bigger sizes and cheaper prices - be still my heart! The clothing on this site goes up to a US size 20. It’s edgy and oh so European (think strong shoulders and Rhianna-esque punk!) and has the sexy factor we all love in the party dresses and going out tops. Word of advice: make sure you measure yourself before choosing sizes because the return window is small.

  1. Nordstrom (www.nordstrom.com) – Gotta love department stores! Not only are they a one-stop shop, but you can always find a plus size section. Nordstrom is admittedly on the pricier side but you can shop the sale rack for better deals. This site has cute dresses and sweaters from a variety of awesome labels like Ann Klein, Juicy Couture and Michael Kors. And don’t be scared to check the regular Women’s section – a buttonless cardigan (which is all the rage this season) or an oversized sweater can be a fabulous find for a big girl – it’s all about being creative!

  1. Alloy (www.alloy.com) – Yes I know this is a teen clothing site but I have one word for you: JEANS!!! Alloy’s jeans (and some of their pants) come in extended sizes of up to 25 with inseams of up to 37 inches. And you can’t beat the prices! So I say – why not?! As long as we remember to remain age appropriate (wink!), feel free to check out some of the other clothing on the site. Some of the tops, dresses and sweaters go up to size XXXL. Great items at even better prices makes for guiltless shopping!

One last thought – accessories are our best friend! Shoes, bags, jewelry, scarves etc don’t require us to be uber thin like Diane von Furstenburg dresses do. Use accessories to make any outfit pop! A hot pair of suede pumps or a chunky statement necklace can make a top and jeans red carpet worthy. Have fun with them!

Thanks to Yanni D for this opportunity and….Stay fabulous divas!!!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Yanni's Update!

It's Hump Day Luvs, 

I hope everyone's week is going good thus far. My week has been slightly chaotic trying to plan for new things on the horizon. I am excited to finally say that my "Gossip Girl" Shoot is set to happen a week from today. I have been trying forever to get this look off the ground, but as I am sure some of you may know casting for a shoot can be so difficult. Thankfully, I found a model who is on her grind and takes beautiful pictures. She has been a major help in trying to get the green light for this. Also, the photographer I am going to be working with is very cool and we have been in contact since last year trying to collaborate. So I cannot wait for shoot day :-). Speaking of shoots I finally had time to get some of my photos printed out to add to my portfolio which I have been needing to do forever. I have to pick them up tomorrow from Adorama pix. For those of you that do not know Adorama is a great place for creatives to get anything picture related done from buying a camera to a portfolio book. Obviously there are other companies out there that can be used, but this is a good reliable one in the heart of Chelsea. Not to mention they are pretty fast about developing and they are not too pricey at all. 

On another note, I have been asked by a friend to assist with styling a fashion show during fashion week which I am very excited about. We are in the process now of working out the details, pulling pieces, and getting everything together. A lot of work, but very exciting. I will keep you all updated with how that goes. Fashion week is about to be busy busy busy for me lol. 

Last, but not least a very good friend of mine who has a great fashion sense, a lot to say and is interested in blogging is going to be featured on my blog Friday for Yanni's Guest Diva edition. It's a new edition I created for the new year to give a few special people their outlet to discuss a topic related to fashion in their way. I thought it would be pretty cool since I am always interested in what people have to say. Anyways, we shall see how it works out. Feedback is definitely appreciated and if any of you would like to be featured one day then please contact me and we can discuss.


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Monday, January 4, 2010

A Trip Down Jewelry Lane -N- Fierce Find

Happy Early Monday Luvs,

Its early Monday morning and I just got home from my temp gig not too long ago. Sigh I know I know the life of an up and coming stylist is a rough one lol. Gotta pay the bills somehow.

Anywayz, being at my temp gig puts me in Soho damn near everyday and today while I was listening to Alicia Keys 2nd album it made me go down memory lane. Out of all the neighborhoods in New York City, Soho is definitely one of my favorites.

I remember the first time I discovered Soho on a class trip when I was in high school. All I could think of was how alive and trendy it was from the restaurants to the one of a kind boutiques. I loved it all. Since then I have become a regular in Soho. Its one of the perfect places for me to shop for my clients and for shoots among other things.  

Now something that Soho has that I love is jewelry. Tons of quaint little jewelry spots from street vendors to boutiques. My favorite spot is called So Good Jewelry. They have two locations down in Soho. It seriously is a one stop shop. They have all kinds of treasures for reasonable prices that brighten up my day. I discovered it on one of my many trips to Soho a few years back and they never disappoint.

This week is accessories week in New York City and the trade show will be featured at the Jacob Javits Center. The only downside to that is the show is not open to the public, but its a good thing to know for future reference and for those of you that like to know the ins and outs of everything especially fashion related then please keep yourself updated on the trade show calendar. Its a new year so a lot of new shows are coming our way. 

With that being said in honor of accessory week and all our jewelry talk...
~ F I E R C E  F I N D ~ 

Name: 10inkley Bracelets 
Price: $25.00 
Color: Black and Gold 
Retailer: TOPSHOP 
*In stores and online
Topshop is one of the places where you can find signature pieces from clothing to shoes. 
Their jewelry is exclusively designed for the TOPSHOP brand. I liked this piece because its 
simple and chic. It makes a statement without being too bold and out there. Perfect for casual, 
work or dressy attire. 

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Yanni's Fashion Resolution....2010!

Happy New Years
From Yanni 

It's 2010 and my motto is automatically in affect "Baby Steps In All My Endeavors". You have to start somewhere to get anywhere. 

With that being said I thought I would share with my luvs my fashion resolutions for 2010. It isn't much, but by the end of the year I should have seen improvement in each one of these areas.

~ Yanni's Fashion Resolutions ~

1. Upgrade in my career path (first and foremost lol)

2. Evolve as a blogger and blog 3 to 4 times a week (Baby Steps lol)

3. Improve on my portfolio and the theme I am trying to follow with it

4. Commit to a test shoot at least 8 to 9 times a year or once a month. 

5. Complete my remaining classes at F.I.T (3 to be exact)

6. Work Fashion Week (Fall and Spring)

7. Attend a show or two during Fashion Week

8. Work at least two runway shows (non fashion week related) this year

9. Build up my clientele  


Be Safe. Have Fun. Goodbye 2009. Hello 2010.

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