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Monday, October 25, 2010

Yanni's Update & Breast Cancer Awareness Fierce Find!

Hey luvs, 

It's definitely been a little minute since I last kept you all updated on the goings and comings of my life...let me tell you there has been some turbulence. I have really been busy with my full time (we all know how that can be) and  freelancing. Also, my website: Yanni D is under reconstruction which I am very excited about so stay tuned for that. Towards the end of the year, I am going to be working on doing more fashion write ups and also looking to put my test shoots together to update my portfolio. It's necessary to keep everything up to date and fresh. More updates to come, but I just wanted to give you all a splash of Yanni D.

On to the next topic...

I really just wanted to take a moment to honor all the people and companies that have really been striving for a Breast Cancer cure. It's really refreshing to see so many people/companies/organizations/stores/brands/talk shows coming together for a great cause and raising a substantial amount of money to give to Breast cancer research. One of my favorite and fashion forward initiatives that went about supporting the cause very well is ShoeDazzle. 

I am not sure who has heard of or utilizes ShoeDazzle, but its really a clever and trendy fashion shopping site (I know this from personal experience ;-). Please check it out for details and enjoy this weeks....

~  F I E R C E   F I N D  ~

Name: Beth
Retailer: ShoeDazzle
(Please check ShoeDazzle for price and membership)

I think these peep toe booties are hella adorable. I am not a huge fan of pink, but this hot pink piece really says something to me. Paired with just about anything these booties make a statement. I am still on the fence on if I want them or not simply because I am not a fan of pink, but they are growing on me. 
Check em out!


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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekly Fierce Find - JUNKPRINTS

As a NYC Fashionista I am always looking for unique original items to add to my wardrobe. Individuality is something that MOST of us take pride in and I think Willow Smith says that best with "Whip My Hair". It is imperative that I continue to express myself through my clothing the best way I know how which is why when I stumbled across JUNKPRINTS I had to share.

~  F I E R C E  F I N D  ~

Name: Candy Bumpin Purse
Color: Pink
Price: $145.00

Chanel Kennebrew is the face behind JUNKPRINTS, an innovative, eclectic and creative company using design for exploration. Her pieces are very unique and this bag caught my eye. I love it. Its quirky and outspoken, yet trendy and adorable all in one breathe. A piece like this is definitely something I would wear because you can be simple in your particular dressing style and still have the spotlight. The bag says it all in this particular case. I just had to share this. If you are looking for unique pieces across the board check out Junkprints.

P-S: Willow Smith is the IT girl of the week. Check her video "Whip My Hair" if you haven't yet.


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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekly Fierce Find - The Love of Flats

Having a classic pair of flats is essential to any females wardrobe; this is something that I stand by 100%. On most given days you can catch me with a fab pair of heels and a cute pair of flats to go with it. I usually do this because I like to have the option to switch them throughout the day if need be. However; heels are beautiful to look at, but not always the most comfortable pair of shoes to be in all day especially if you walk a lot in a metro city lol. Having flats handy is a MUST in my world as well as my fellow fashionistas.

Now just because they are flats does not mean they cannot be fashionable. There are so many different kinds of flats ranging from styles to prices, but this past weekend I found an adorable pair at my neightborhood Payless and definitely wanted to share....

~  F I E R C E   F I N D  ~

Name: Isala Jewel Flat
Color: Navy / Black
Price: Reg $34.99 / Sale: $27.99
Retailer: Payless

I can honestly say that Payless has stepped their game up. Not only has their style improved, but they are constantly adding to their designer list. Plus they have such afforable and comfortable shoes. Such a win win in my book. Check these flats out and also their pumps selection. Do not get me wrong they can definitely be a hit and miss store, but when you do find the adorable pieces they do not disappoint.


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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Addicted To Chocolate Spending....

Chocolate is a decadent crush.... 

To most people having chocolate anything is a simple treat. The desire to have it is insatiable which can totally be equated to social shopping/retail therapy. 

I thought about this as I sipped my Caffe Vanilla blend frappuccino and enjoyed a brownie. In the middle of pondering about my impromptu shoe purchase yesterday I asked myself why? In my opinion, an array of quality pieces has a longtime life expectancy. Granted I had a slight justification conversation with myself as to why I just needed those boots, but I do a good job of separating short term and long term purchases. My desire to have those boots ruled out any negative because somewhere someday I will put those boots to good use. 

I like the term social shopper because it means observing and making good use of merchandise that will benefit you one day. Although overly spending to the max is not the best direction to go in; I do believe that constantly learning and upgrading yourself fashionably with what is out there and continually adding to your wardrobe is a lifetime of chocolate spending. It's easy to relate social shopping to chocolate because obtaining a new piece can be viewed as an urge, want and need. However; in reality there is truly nothing wrong with a shopping crush. 

I've had a lot of people ask me "how do I add to my wardrobe/change my wardrobe without breaking the bank?" Referring to this idea of chocolate spending is one of the answers. I'm not saying everyone has to relate to this idea, but since chocolate (or any dessert for that matter) is a treat for most people being able to treat your wardrobe the same way will help in the long run. Just a thought. 


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