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Friday, April 30, 2010

A Day In My Life...

The past few weeks have been busier than most and I had to take a second and 
reflect on my daily activites. Being an up and coming fashion stylist is more 
than a grind its the life you live. You are constantly selling yourself. I am a 
product of what I do.

Making sure I am mixing and mingling is a MUST at any event I attend. You just 
never know when your break is going to come whether it be temp or perm. I've 
always had a hustler's mentality, but being in this business called fashion it 
comes out in true colors.

24/7 is an understatement to what you need to know and what you constantly need 
to do to get yourself out there. You become good at advertising, marketing and 
selling all in one.

I sat and thought about this today "A day in my life" its like that Langston Hughes poem 
Mother to Son said "Life for me ain't been no Crystal Stair", but if your passionate its the 
only stair you need to climb.

I have sooooo many different thoughts going on. So much to do. So many questions 
with no answers. This business is not for the weak. You have to be strong to 
maintain unless you'll go crazy. 

I realized today, a day in this up and coming fashionistas life is bananas. Ups 
and downs times ten. I can go from a part time gig to a networking event to a 
meeting all in one day and it just comes with the territory.

I wonder would I trade it? Definitely not. It's hard and a grind, but I want to 
do it. It sounds crazy, but I'm constantly reaching for the stars and I know it 
will pay off.

Its a hustle as is life.

A day in my life.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~Weekly Fierce Find~

Hey Luvs, 

Your girl has been crazy on the go due to new projects and such popping up. However; I am never to busy to give my fellow fashionistas a weekly fierce find. Today I went shopping with one of my clients and we picked up some fabulous gladiator flats. 

~  F I E R C E  F I N D  ~

Name: Retouch
Price: $69.95
Color: Brown/Black
Retailer: Chinese Laundry (Sold at Bakers/Wild Pair)

I love love love these. I think they are not only hot, but very edgy and chic. They are perfect to dress up or down and a great vacation add on. Personally, I am not a fan of gladiator sandals, but I always make sure to include an embellished pair in my closet. They go great with lots of different pieces and make your foot look fashionably jeweled. This is a must have.


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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yanni's Weekly Update ~N~ Fierce Find

So the past few weeks my life has been crazy busy. Being an up and coming freelance stylist is bananas. There are so many different things that you go through in one day. Your life is constantly changing by the hour. You never know when a gig is going to come up or an appointment you made need to get to last minute. It's a roller-coaster ride, but not in a bad way. Juggling things around is a task in itself especially for up and coming creatives because sometimes a gig can take precedence over work. There are so many thoughts that go through my mind. I am not a regretful person so if I make a decision the chances of me wanting and sticking to it are 99%.

So what have I been up to lately? I have been assisting on more shoots and definitely getting my network game on. I have also been extremely busy with the fashion show. This show has been a 24/7 project and I know it will be until October 23rd. Although it will be challenging, a lot of work and dedication I know it will be a success because me and my partner would never settle for anything less. So far its been a crazy learning process, but so inspirational. We both have dedication, a great sense of creativity and lots of drive so only good things can come from this. Positivity, hard work and patience is definitely key.

Earlier today my partner for the show and fellow stylist were discussing how much of a necessity accessories are and what it means to truly define and own your personal style. My favorite quote by Coco Chanel is "Fashion Fades, but Style remains the same" because it is nothing short of the truth. Style is something that will transcend until the end as long as you own it. We were also discussing the difference between being trendy, following tends, and being a trendsetter. Very interesting conversation. As we talked I decided to feature an accessory (jewelry to be exact) as my weekly fierce find.

~  F I E R C E   F I N D  ~

Name: Skabo
Color: Midnight Black
Price: $25.00
Retailer: Aldo

I really like this necklace because it makes a statement. This necklace showcases several trends into one piece which can transcend your outfit to another level. I know I have said this before, but Aldo's is a great source for accessories. Their jewelry, belts and bags are a mixture of chic, trendy and edgy all within an affordable range. This is a must have to add to your jewelry collection.


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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Style Vibe: Tulle, Tulle & More Tulle

So I have not written a style vibe in a long time so I felt one was due. For those of you that know me tulle is one of my favorite fun little pieces to work with. The issue with a tulle piece, especially a skirt, is that depending on how its styled it can be a blurry line from costumey to edgy. I think that some people are afraid to try a tulle skirt because it raises lots of questions like: what to wear with it and do I do a lot or a little bit of accessories?

As with most trends they go and come as the times change then they evolve and make a come back and then leave again hehe. Tulle is definitely one of those trends. It made a come back last season, but its still a current trend for Spring. 

This is an outfit I wore recently to an event where the dress code was specifically to go all out. The theme was   very cirque soleil so I decided tulle would be a cute little piece to incorporate. At first, I did have a bit of difficultly because I usually come up with great outfits in my head, but then finding the actual pieces sometimes does not work out in my favor. I had to make a few alterations, but nevertheless in the end it all worked out.

This is a look I did for one of my shoots in the past and the tulle skirt is a lot more calm and subtle. It actually looks like a ruffled silk skirt, but in actuality its tulle. I really liked this look because it looks chic and fashion forward without doing too much. 

For both of these looks accessories made a huge impact (as they always do). Accessories can really be the answer to making or breaking a look. To give it that edge factor or making it too constumey.

Style Vibe:

Retailer: H&M

As you see above there are so many ways to dress up or down a tulle skirt to make it edgy and fashion forward without making it a costume. I just wanted to give two more examples on how to bring out your inner Rihanna to strut in the streets.

1). Party Chic ~ Add a crop jacket of your preference or a boyfriend blazer, a corset, and ankle booties that have a little bit of flare whether it be ruffles, studs, fringes, buckles, straps etc and your guaranteed to be a hot commodity. Also, let's not forget some jewelry. Throw on several chains or a messy/statement necklace, a few bangles and a statement ring or glove with a simple clutch to add the finishing touch to the look. 

2). Cocktail Sassy ~ A silk tank, an asymmetrical vest, a skinny waist belt, fishnets or bare legs and some stylish round toe pumps would make this an ideal fashion forward look. Throw in a bracelet or two, statement necklace and possibly a hair accessory then you would be ready to go. 

Playing around with the colors for the pieces you add with the skirt will give you a playful look. So feel free to get your tulle on and have fun.


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