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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Clutch: An Accessory Yes -OR- No?

Lately, I have been running into more and more handbag designers or aspiring handbag designers focusing primarily on clutches. Recently, an aspiring designer asked me if I thought clutches were vital or not to a lady's wardrobe and my answer was YES.

Honestly, I do not know what I would do if clutches were not invented. The idea of "The Clutch" has definitely come full circle from previous decades. If we go back in time, women started out with clutches and then various forms of other handbags were designed and became popular. However; "The Clutch" is similar to "The Little Black Dress" classy and iconic.

I personally adore clutches because not only are they an accessory, but adding a clutch to a look instead of a regular hobo/shoulder bag/tote definitely takes the look to another level. There is something about a clutch that can add sophistication, edge and chicness to a look. It's quite remarkable if you ask me. We all know, because I have stressed time and time again, that accessories are the end all be all to any look. Findng the perfect fit is a MUST, but finding the perfect accessories is just as crucial. That is how I look at clutches. Adding the perfect clutch to a casual look will take the look to an elevated casual level and adding it to a formal/semi formal look will ofcourse do the look justice.

I love to add clutches to casual looks because I like to look for elevated chicness. It simply fits into my personal style. Gone were the days of adding a clutch to an evening look just because its the "thing to do". Nowadays, clutches being used for a non-occassion day is definitely the "IN" thing because they are no longer boring and typical. Designers have added tons of flair to the classic everyday clutch ranging from chains to ruffles.

I know yall probably think I am on an Aldo kick this week, but Aldo's is one place I like to go clutch shopping. They have some trendy and affordable clutches that always seems to stand out. Below are my favorite picks from Aldo this week.


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Monday, August 23, 2010

Yummy Find!

I  ad re this...

Marc by Marc Jacobs

It's says me all over it.

The End!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Fierce Find: Aldo

Call me crazy, but I adore these....

Name: Norkus
Color: Khaki / Taupe / Black
Price: $110.00
Retailer: Aldo

My favorite color in these are the Khaki ones (the color being featured). When I saw these I thought they were the perfect fall peep toe boots. Lace up boots have been a hot trend and finding the perfect ones are not always that easy. These are chic and casual without doing too much. Perfect for dressing up or down. Not to mention in terms of comfort they are not bad at all. My favorite part about these boots is the peep toe addition. It makes it fun and adds another trend to the mix. They are not your typical lace up boots. Definitely add these to your fall collection. 


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Monday, August 16, 2010

PSA of the Week: Clothing Retirement

Another Monday luvs and the weather was not the most pleasant in the NYC area. While on my train road home I was pondering the crappy weather and I saw the ONLY fashion no no; hence this post. 

When is clothing retirement necessary? Let's review exhibit A-D and hopefully by the end of this post things will be a bit clear.

Exhibit A: When the outsole of the shoe is practically hanging off by inches then it is time for that shoe to be RETIRED. There is no reason and I mean NO REASON why anyone should see the entire bottom of the shoe in the front. 

Exhibit B: Many of us have been there...WAIT let me set the mood for you. So you got your favorite pair of jeans that you want to rock for the day/night and its a bit snug so you gotta pull a little bit hard to get it up. You pull just a tad, but that does not do the trick. SOoooo pull some more, and more and RIP. Someway, somehow your favorite pair of jeans rip. Either on the inside of your thigh or one of the belt hoops either way the jeans are damaged goods at this point. Now if anyone knows what its like to rip a pair of great jeans its yourz truly, but when and if that happens and they can be fixed....get them fixed. If the jeans cannot be fixed then they need to be RETIRED. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should be walking around with ripped jeans that are not SUPPOSED to be ripped. Unacceptable. Let me reiterate that because I am sure some people are not understanding what was just said. Destroyed jeans are definitely in right now, but there is a difference between destroyed acceptable jeans and destroyed unacceptable jeans. Please make the right decision people. 

Exhibit C: Needle and thread are two tools that more people should look into. If you are holding onto a pole on the train because clearly the train rides can get a little turbulent please be mindful of any open holes that may be visible on your shirt or sweater. It really only takes two seconds to sew a hole up and if you do not have two seconds then the garment should not be worn at the moment. If the garment cannot be saved then it is time to be RETIRED

Last, but not least of my pet peeves....

Exhibit D: Laundry mishaps occur sometimes. Its life and perfectly understandable, but SERIOUSLY bleached shirts? Bleached spots? Anything bleached on an item of clothing should really not be worn. If the original item you purchased is now a different color or pattern then more thought should be put into purchasing another item that is similar or the same item (whatever you may fancy). At the end of the day its not attractive to walk around with bleach spots on your clothing. People really need to pull themselves together. 

Disclaimer: This post was not intended to offend anyone it was simply written to bring awareness to the subject of clothing retirement. We all have had our moments, but realizing them and learning WHAT NOT TO DO makes us better people in the end. 


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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fierce Find of the Week

Fashion week is a few weeks away and following that is the wonderful season of fall :-). I absolutely love fall because its my favorite season and with that comes lots of sweaters and layering looks on a whole different level. So I decided to give sweaters some shine today. 

~  F I E R C E  F I N D  ~

Name: Boyfriend Pocket Cardigan
Price: $32.90
Colors: Black / Burgundy / Charcoal Gray / Cobalt Blue / Ivory / Jade
Retailer: Alloy.com

I <3 sweaters. They are my perfect piece for fall. Throw on a sweater, some skinny jeans, lace up boots/pumps/flats, a scarf, some bold jewelry and a hobo/clutch/cross body bag and your ready to hit the town for several different occasions. I like this sweater mostly because it gives that boyfriend look. That slouchy I'm not trying to be cute, but I am look hehe. I love love colors that are out of the norm such as burgundy. Not to mention, this particular sweater is fitted and lose all in the right places. It's definitely a great find. Add this piece to your fall checklist. You'll be doing versatility at its finest. 


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Friday, August 6, 2010

Ageless Beauty: Dr. Jeannette Graf

Last night I attended a fabulous beauty event for the beauty blogging community. The event was in honor of, beauty influencer, Dr. Jeannette Graf which was hosted by Karen Oliver & Associates and Genevieve Santos, CEO of Gorgeous on the Go. Dr. Graf was a lovely woman with a great aura who truly puts her passionate experience and knowledge out into the beauty world. Her new book "Stop aging, start living" with Alisa Bowman gives insight into a thorough 2-week ph diet that erases wrinkles, beautifies skin, and makes you feel fantastic. Dr. Graf discussed the importance of our ph balance (basically the acidity or basicity of a solution) and how we can take control of it. 

During her lecture she stated several interesting points, but one of the main points I walked away with was how much our ph balance helps regulate our system and keeps the body healthy from prone diseases. When we indulge in foods that are in in acidity we are sliding down to a negative ph balance. Obviously, maintaining control of your ph and what you eat can be very trying, but the important thing is to learn balance. Learning what foods we can have hefty amounts of and what foods we need to delete from our menu or cut down drastically on. This was definitely an eye opener for a lot of people. 

At the close of the lecture, an amazing goody bag filled with $700 dollars worth of beauty products was raffled off and all attendees received a signed book from Dr. Graf. There was also time for Q and A which people definitely took advantage of. Having a renowned dermatologist such as Dr. Graf in your presence makes you want to ask her every and any issue you ever had dealing with skincare - whether it be yours or someone else. 

Lots of mingling was done and connections were made. Karen Oliver & Associates and Genevieve Santos did an amazing job and for that I thank them. Please pick up a copy of Dr. Graf's book today and utilize the products mentioned in the book. For further information or/and a Q and A with Dr. Graf you can contact her pr team at: Carol@karenoliverandassociates.com.

Take a look at some photos from the event....

Goody Bag

(L-R) Karen Oliver, Dr. Jeannette Graf & Genevieve Santos

Karen Oliver & Bakir Howard (CEO of StellaSue Accessories/Fashion Stylist)

(L-F) Shayna D (Radio Personality), Jessica Styles (CEO of FAB Network) & Genevieve Santos

Yours Truly & Genevieve Santos

The Team


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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Common Ground: Urban Outfitters

As I sat next to my two homegirls on a bench at Urban Outfitters I thought back to how we got here. Let me see - work, dinner, then a casual walk debating on relationships, religion and politics. Finally, we strolled into UO because they happen to still be open. The consensus at the door was "ohh let's go to Urban."

We strolled through the racks trying on hats, smelling perfumes and contemplating potential new fits. I couldn't help but notice how all three of us with three completely different styles all seemed at ease in the store. 

I've shared my likes for Urban Outfitters and I've posted some great fierce finds from them, but at that very moment I truly dug the store because it was able to accommodate several different types of females without even trying. This got me thinking about common ground. Finding a piece(s) that works for more than one type of person. Something that works for several body types in its own way.

Urban Outfitters is definitely a common ground store. It really has different pieces that works for several different styles. Granted so do a lot of stores, but with Urban you really can see a variety of body types and styles illustrating their view whether it be with a skirt or a fedora. Personal style at a high. Gotta luv that.


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