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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Fashionista's Observations...

Its Tuesday Luvs,

So last night on the train a friend and I were talking and mid conversation he caught me observing this guy's attire. He pointed out to me that I did a quick assessment of the guy's outfit and continued with our conversation. I laughed because its really a habitual unconscious act, but then I thought about it. Is it unconscious? 

He went on to say that people in fashion are constantly doing fashion observations this includes him as well and ofcourse he's right. The same goes for anyone who has a perfected craft whether it be a make-up artist or a chef. I thought this was an interesting topic because although I never pointed it out to myself in so many words I am a people watcher and avid fashion watcher. I have to look at what someone is wearing from head to toe and decide if I like it or not. If I do not like it then I come up with reasons and alternatives on what could have worked and if I do like it I figure out ways I could add a twist to it and possibly tuck it away for use later on. In picking out the outfit from head to toe this includes: colors, jewelry, other accessories, fit, shape, etc. I take in the entire package big and small gotta love a fashionista's observation ;-).

Moving right along, my articles from fashion week are now up on JohnSimonDaily.com. Definitely check them out: Dennis Basso, Temperley London and Boudoir D'huitres. I had a great time doing coverage and be sure to visit JSD for all your fashion and entertainment inside needs.


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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Fierce Finds of the Week

Happy Sunday Luvs,

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ended on Thursday and it was a crazyyyyyyyyy few days especially with the blizzard and all. I worked 5 shows and covered 4. It was amazing. I definitely did a lot of networking and met some very cool people. Gotta love my new business cards :-).

Anyways, I will post the link to my articles when they are up and running, but until then I decided to leave you all with three pairs of hot shoes from Aldo's new spring line. I tried the first pair on today and it looked adorable on my feet. I am verrrrrrry particular about shoes so I was happy they worked for me. They are on my must have checklist.

~ F I E R C E  F I N D S ~

Name: Geringer
Price: $110.00
Colors: Taupe/Black
*Love how these look on me

Name: Tinder
Price: $90.00
Colors: Black/Beige
*These are different and cute

Name: Hilado
Price: $90.00
Colors: Ice/Black
*These are very resort to me. With a hot bikini or one piece they would look amazing.


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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sinister FA10 Hits The Scene...

Flashback: remember Rihanna's video "Disturbia" with the intense rhythms, fierce expressions, a heavy dose of edge and fashion diva gone crazy? Well on Saturday Sinister presented something similar in their runway presentation except instead of Rihanna their were beautiful edgy models, fierce poses and lots of asymmetrical designs, leather and fur.

Sinister, Jerrmaner Bryant and Amanda Maestas, two designers from different places brought their design aesthetics together in 2007 to give us edgy, feminine and modern pieces. As the models strutted out and lined the wall, I could not help to admire Sinister's vision. 

This collection really embodied madness and the process an individual would go through if they were going fashionably crazy. Dark and earth tone hues, lots of zippers on skinny pants, beautiful fur vests, and my favorite piece a herringbone asymmetrical bubble mini dress. Simply adorable. The architectural construction and vintage glamour proved to be a successful anecdote for this collection. These talented young designers proved, yet again, that opposities do attract. 

For more information please be sure to visit Sinister


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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fashion Week Backstage Attire

Hey Luvs,

Fashion Week FA2010 began yesterday however; it started off rough for the fashion world learning about the demise of fashion legend Alexander McQueen. I have to say its a very tragic situation and the talented amazing designer will definitely be missed by all. 


As usual there are lots of shows scheduled the next few days for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and yourz truly will be behind the scenes working five of them and in the front scenes doing a write up for three of them. Not bad if I say so myself. Today kicked off for me with 3.1 Phillip Lim who is personally one of my all time favorites so it was truly an honor.

During my time today as I was working I observed the backstage crew, including myself, and what everyone was wearing. Working backstage is a world in itself for any show during fashion week. The iconic color worn backstage for pretty much all shows is black. There are many reasons we could use for validating that color, but the obvious points are clear: its timeless, professional and the best color to make a fashionable person show their true individuality. What more could fashionistas ask for? While backstage wearing black from the wardrobe assistants to the PR crew no two people will look the same and everyone is wearing the same color. In my opinion its a genius idea.

With that being said I thought I would share with you all a few simple pieces that can be mixed and matched while wearing black and working backstage for fashion week. This is just to give you some ideas and insight on how important black is while working backstage and being comfortable if you can ;-).

This weekend I am helping a friend with his runway show which should be very interesting and exciting a lot of important people will be in attendance. Stay tuned for that.


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Monday, February 8, 2010

Fierce Find!

Hey Hey Luvs,

Another cold Monday in New York City not to mention we are expecting more snow. Great. lol. Rme. I really hate cold weather you can give me Spring/Fall any day. 

Anyways, the next two weeks are going to be BUSY BUSY BUSY for me because Fashion Week FA10 is here. I am very excited. I am working some shows, covering some shows and attending a few mixers in between. Should be a grand time. I will definitely be updating you all on my fashion adventures through my eyes as the days go on to keep you all entertained

Until then...

~  F I E R C E  F I N D ~

Name: Sweetheart Corset Dress
Price: $58.00
Size: 0 - 14
Color: Purple Multicolor/Black Leopard Print

Speaking of Spring, I came across this dress the other day and I fell for it. I am not sure if I love it because its adorable or if I love it because its bright, but either way it makes me even more depressed that I have not traveled in almost a year. This is the perfect Spring/Summer vacation dress. You can be sexy, simple and flirty all in one look. What I love most about this dress is the sweetheart top which enhances the "girls" in a nice way. Also, since the dress is already doing a lot with the multicolor pattern you can add nothing to it and look flirty casual. However, if you decided to add some earrings, a statement necklace, some bangles and shades you would look sexy chic on the go. Either way this is an adorable find that should be added to any checklist.


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Monday, February 1, 2010

Grammys: My Fave/Least Fave & Fierce Find!

It's Monday Luvs,

Another week, the same grind ;-). 

I am sure most of you, if not all of you caught snippets of the 2010 Grammys last night. For those of you on twitter as usual I had A LOT to say. So much in fact that I surpassed my tweet limit and got put into twitter jail :-(

Very depressing I know. Livid and sad was an understatement. Anywayz, twitter was LIVE with Grammy talk. For a recap feel free to follow me on twitter.

Overall the show was ehhhh mediocre to say the least. PINK's performance was one of my favorites I must say, but contrary to the show the red carpet was sizzling with Grammy dresses. Yall know I had to post my favorite and least favorite dress of the night. Although I am usually in Rihanna's corner with whatever she wears I can honestly say I liked her dress, but did not love it. I thought she could have done better. The same goes for Beyonce. Her dress was ehhh alright, but I did not love it. Either way both diva's were fierce in their own right. Did we expect anything less? NEVER hehe also, included in the fierce category was Mary J. Blige, Jennifer Hudson, Melanie Fiona and Carrie Underwood. However; Keri Hilson and Jennifer Lopez take the cake (in my humble opinion) for most and least liked.

M O S T  L I K E D

Ms. Hilson looked simple and stunning in this mermaid bottom Dolce & Gabbana gown. Usually the songstress/songwriter gives us chic, edgy & fabulous so its nice to see a softer side.


Now Mrs. Lopez on the other hand graced us with this Versace gown that I did not feel complimented her at all. I get the edgy look she was going for, but the white overlay through it off. I definitely was not a fan :-/.

To catch up on the Grammys red carpet affair be sure to check out what some of the experts have to say on Fashion Police: 2010 Grammys tonight at 10 on E!

Moving right along....

~ F I E R C E  F I N D ~

Name: JS Collections Lace Bodice Laser Cut Dress
Color: Black/Taupe
Price: $198.00
Retailer: Nordstrom

Call me crazy, but I think this dress is really cute. In the spirit of the Grammys I wanted to feature a cocktail dress for my fellow fashionistas. As I have mentioned before every girl should own one or two cocktail dresses because you never know when you might need to pull one out. I thought this dress was simple yet interesting. The bodice gives the dress some flare and the laser cut pencil bottom gives added shape to certain curves. The only concern that I have with this dress is that not everyone can wear it depending on your body type so that is definitely something to keep in mine. Nevertheless, I personally think its adorable. Remember spending anywhere from $100-$300 on a cocktail dress is pretty much average for a decent/good quality dress. Now do not get me wrong below $100 is always a steal, but no one will raise an eyebrow if you go a tad over :-).


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