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Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekly Fierce Find

Kenneth Cole is a really good brand. There pieces are chic and modern, but still have a timeless look and feel to them. I simply live for their shoes. They have the cutest pieces. Now personally I do not shop there often because I feel it can be a hit or miss with my taste, but when I do find something I like. I reallllllly like it.

~  F I E R C E  F I N D ~

Name: Hot Streak
Price: $195.00
Color: Steel
Retailer: Kenneth Cole
*Can be found in store or online

I really dig the steel color these come in. Sometimes I can be on the fence with the whole gladiator look especially on me, but these accomplish that in a sexy chic way which I really like. These are perfect for spring/summer especially when done with simple looks. This shoe piece can add a flare of sophistication. 


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Friday, March 26, 2010

Yanni's Weekly Update...

So I recently spoke with my wonderful web designer and within the next month my website will be redone. My designer thought that, although the current site is great, we could upgrade on a few things here and there. I am super excited to see the new layout when its all set up so please stay tuned for that around May.

Now for some big big news. My partner (friend and fellow stylist) and I are throwing a fashion show in the Fall entitled "Elements of Style". This has been in talk for some time now and we are finally going through with it. Our concept is exciting and we believe 100% in it. The problem now is finding sponsors and such to see our vision, but we are not worried we know everything happens in its time and we are putting in major work so it will all work out. I am very excited about this. I feel like this is going to be a great initiative for everyone involved. 

In the coming weeks/months we will be looking for sponsors, up and coming designers, models, make up artists, hair stylists, photographers, and volunteers. Please feel free to refer people to me or contact me via any of my communications tools and I will respond as soon as I can. I will be posting casting calls and updates about the show periodically so please stay tuned for that. 


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Kicks For Your Feet

Happy Day even though the day is not as warm and bright as it was this past weekend. Over the weekend people had a taste of what Spring is going to be like and it was fantastic. I am not sure what the forecast is for the remainder of the week, but I hope that weekend weather comes back. 

My homegirl and I decided to grab dinner and drinks at Brooklyn Moon, a great spot in Fort Green, this weekend. I decided to go for an urban casual chic look so you know I had to throw on my coach converse. From a past post I listed some great coach footwear finds and converse were definitely in there. I am not sure about you, but I am far from a sneakers girl. 

Once upon a time I used to wear sneakers like there was no tomorrow, but in this day and age I rock heels or flats like they are going out of style; however, every fashion diva needs a cute and dependable pair of kicks in her closet. There are times when you just want to go for a walk or be extremely dressed down and you want to be adorable and chic while doing it. For those certain times sneakers are a great option. Aside from Coach, Prada, Gucci, or/and Chanel sneakers some affordable stylish kicks that I like to rock and would recommend are DC shoes and/or Pastry sneakers. 

~ F I E R C E  F I N D ~

Name: Venice Hi Shoes
Price: $65.00
Color: Black/Black & Red Plaid/Dark Chocolate/Grey & Blue/White
Retailer: DC Shoes
Name: Glam Pie Hi Ice
Price: $39.99
Color: Strawberry/Lilac/Black/Shaved/Bluberry
Retailer: Love Pastry

Now personally I like converse styled kicks (probably because I love the coach pairs I have so much), but these pastry hi tops are really cute especially since they come in summer colors. The reason I like DC and Pastry so much is because they have bright colors which I love, different styles of sneakers and they are extremely affordable. You can rack up on two pairs or so and mix and match them to your liking. Also, they are comfortable which is very important so if your looking for summer kicks for your feet take a visit to these stores or their websites. 


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Designer Casting Call

Two up and coming fashion stylists are seeking fresh new designers to be featured in their fall 2010 runway show. 

Designers must possess:

-a unique sense of style
-ability to create (4) ready to wear and (1) evening look based on our theme
-have a physical or online portfolio
-Great design construction skills
-the overall drive to work with up and coming creatives

*This show will be sponsored by a collection of important people and we need only serious inquiries to apply.

Please contact: Bakir Janea/bjhow04@yahoo.com
                           Yanni D/yannid125@aol.com


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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekly Fierce Find

I am sure we all love deals. I know as a budgetnista I am constantly trying to find not only the best deal, but the most fashionable one. So if you all love deals like me this week definitely check out H & M and Oldnavy. H & M has all blazers and spring jackets on sale ($15 off actual price) and Oldnavy has new spring merchandise for less. Spring/Summer is around the corner and Memorial Weekend Getaways are coming up. These are definitely some good spots to start doing some damage on a budget. 

American Eagle is a store I used to love for its simplicity with casual wear, but sadly I have not visited it in a long time. Which is why today's fierce find will feature AE.

~  F I E R C E  F I N D  ~

Name: AE Embellished Shirt Tail Tank
Color: Cocoa Powder / Medium Heather Grey
Price: $19.95
Retailer: American Eagle

Since we are heading into warmer weather I thought this cute tank would be a great fierce find. With it being on sale its perfect to add with a blazer for classy work attire or a blazer for a night out. American Eagle has cute tanks that can be dressed up or down. I also love the color because you can create a soft or bold palette with it. 


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cute Denim Fierce Find

Denim is in, blue is in and spring fashion has taken it up a notch. Now to be honest I adore denim and blue is my favorite color, but this season denim is incorporated in everything you can possibly imagine. Some good and some bad, but either way its fashion. With that being said its time to start spring shopping and if your smart adding some unique denim pieces aside from jeans and jackets into the closet would be ideal ;-).

~ F I E R C E  F I N D ~

Name: Cruz Wedge
Color: Denim / Black
Price: $29.90
Retailer: Alloy

These simple and chic wedges definitely caught my attention. Wedges are a hit and miss with me. Sometimes I can dig them and sometimes I cant. I like these mainly because they are denim with a little bit of detail in the front with the crossover peep toe. These can be dressed up or dressed down. Perfect to just throw on with a sun dress (which is one of my favorite pieces in the spring/summer) or some cute shorts, a tank and fedora. Either way these are a cute spring denim fierce find.


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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Oscars: Taste -OR- No Taste?!?!

I totally was going to bypass an Oscars blog this year, but I feel my opinion needs to be put out there. 

So let's get right to it...

Jennifer Lopez - Armani Prive
She looked amazing in her dress. The color and style fit her to a tee. My only issue with this dress was that it made her bottom half look more extra than it was which can be a good or bad thing. Sometimes I feel gowns with so much work added to it looks more fitting on slimmer women; however Jennifer owned this gown. I had to put her first because she was glamorous and her dress was an entrance winner.

Sandra Bullock - Marchesa
First, congrats to Sandy for winning an Oscar for Best Actress. Love her and I absolutely adore Marchesa. I think she looks beautiful. The color, the intricate details and the fit made Sandy look like the movie star she is. Two thumbs up.

Queen Latifah - Badgley Mischka
I have to say that Queen Latifah ALWAYS looks elegant and fashion forward in pretty much whatever red carpet outfit she wears. She knows her body and what she feels comfortable in. It works for her. This soft pink color and the detailing made her look more stunning than she already is.

Helen Mirren - Badgley Mischka
Personally Helen Mirren never disappoints me. She always looks amazing on the red carpet. What impresses me so much about her is that she wears gowns that are age appropriate and compliment her body. She looks radiant and effortless. I love it.

Kate Winslet - Yves Saint Laurent
I am a total fan of YSL and I think Kate looked chic and great in this gown. Sometimes she goes all out and I preferred this simple straight fit for her. From her hair to the shoes I thought she did a good job for the night.

Zoe Saldana - Givenchy
I adore Zoe. She is a talented and beautiful actress. Usually I think Zoe does well with her fits they compliment her, but this gown is DEFINITELY CONTROVERSIAL. I'm sorry, but I really just do not get it.  It throws me. I adore Givenchy, but this did not work for me. From the ruffled madness below to the light pink sparkle corset it left me with a ::blank stare::

Charlize Theron - Christian Dior
Sighhhh. Again another actress I adore, but I really did not get this. I feel that Charlize is a hit and miss on the red carpet. Sometimes I can dig her vision and sometimes she leaves me confused. This whole look was wrong to me. Just wrong.

Last, but certainly not least....

Mariah Carey 
Mariah always does the same thing. Every thing she wears has to show a body part or just be insanely tight that she either cannot move or we just know its really tight. I can't with her. Love her as an artist, but I truly feel if she would just upgrade her sense of style to something more appropriate for her age and realize that she can be sexy and stunning without having a free for all then she would be so much better off. There is hope for her I am just not sure she will ever see it.

For more info or photos on the Oscars check out Huffingtonpost.


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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Yanni's Palette Reflection...

As I was getting dressed today to head out I randomly through some pieces together and I just knew they would work. That piqued my interest later on as I examined my color palette. Palettes are very important and although there are a few key rules that style experts keep in mind when pulling things, palettes are very interchangeable.

Key Element: Palettes

Identifying what shades/prints/patterns/fabrics work together on and for you is definitely essential.

Personally, my palettes always include an odd color that would normally not go to most, but I make it work. Today my palette included Taupe (love this color), gold, burnt orange and brown. A Simple pair of jeans, booties and a fairly dressy knit sweater and various accessories.

When I go to the pt gig I have been doing lately until a key opportunity comes along I do a lot of style watching. Some of my fellow co-workers are just as style conscious as me, but its interesting because no two people are the same. Each one of us has our own individual fashion sense that reflects us as fashionistas and people in general.

I am always intrigued by people's style and I always try to pin point exactly what their style is. It's really exciting to observe others style and their color palettes. I recently went to a book signing for David Zyla (costume designer for All My Children and author of The Color of Style) he made some interesting points on people's color palette's and their personality. He truly believes that if people found their right colors they would live healthier and better lives.

Color to me is everything and we know when you look good you potentially feel good even if its temporarily so Mr. Zyla may have a point.


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Monday, March 1, 2010

What Your Legs Wear?

Tights. Leggings. Tights. Leggings. Whatever it is I am down to rock at least once. Mind you this is coming from an ex-tomboy who despised tights and the nylon they were made out of, but things certainly do change. 

Last week I bought some exceptionally cute leggings from Old navy, but they did not fit how I wanted them to so I had to exchange them for a different size. Sadly, I waited a week too long and the leggings were sold out. I am still going to try and hunt them down, but the world is full of fashionable cute hosiery and yourz truly has had her pick of them. 

Why do I wear and like tights/leggings? Well I am a very versatile individual that loves color. Tights/leggings provides me with that and thensome. I am not sure about you all, but I wear them separately and together sometimes. I play with them. I love crazy prints and colors. I like wearing them to make an outfit stand out or to make an outfit blend in. To top it off tights and or leggings can tie an outfit together in the craziest way. You know how sometimes you get all dressed up and feel like your missing something? In this day and age, that something can definitely be the hosiery option. It truly transforms an outfit from day/night, edgy/chic etc. 

Pretty much any clothing store you go into will sell some form of tights/leggings from high end retailers such as Barneys to low end such as Conway. Some of my favorite spots with very trendy tights/leggings are: Bloomingdales,Top Shop, Forever21, American Apparel and last, but not least Urban Outfitters which is where I got my fierce find of the week from.

Name: Rosevine Lace Fullfoot Tight
Price: $14.00
Color: Black

I love these tights. I actually have something similar to them, but these are my next purchase. Very trendy yet casual. Pair these with a simple dress and pumps the tights will do the talking for you. Or you can add them into an already bold ensemble and they will work just fine. Wear your tights/leggings proudly. I definitely do :-)


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