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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Thoughts about credit....

So another day, another post.

The shoot I am working on now went from retro glam to high glam in a matter of a few days. Is that the way I wanted it to go. Not Particularly, but what can you do. Not that I didn't think it was a good direction, but I had pieces from a previous shoot that did not go through. So I was already prepared. High glam I was not. So now I have to re-do the direction which requires more money. As we all know, up and coming creatives almost guarantee's that we put more out than we get back in the beginning. Sucks, but what can we do. However, since I am not a money train it takes a little bit longer to put the looks together.

Which leads me to my Credit Card. My credit card is like the answer all the time. It works for shoots and stuff, but I do not always do returns and whatnot. Therefore, it just accumulates. Coach is having a huge sale on rain boots and all I can think is "Damn how am I going to get me some of those boots" I'm thinking of several ways and its like this could all be solved if my credit card wasn't damn near at the end of its road. Then I want to get a pair for my little sister and its like damn. So it got me thinking how important and necessary our CC's are to us. We depend on it. I never knew how much until now. In my mind I saw Coach + CC = ?!?!

Sad and scary thought.

Now I have to do what I do best, try and make it work. Figure it out. I like challenges, but this one has the potential to go two different ways: Sketchy, Sophisticated or both.

Who Knows what it will end up being, Keep you posted.


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Monday, May 18, 2009

Opening of a New Chapter...

Hey Ppl,

So welcome to my new blog page. I think this one will be pretty cool because it will talk about my random everyday life trying to break into this fabulous yet psychotic industry called FASHION. Crazy I know, but its where I belong what can I say ::shrugs::

So to recap this lovely day of mine (I mean that with every drip of sarcasm I can muster) today was my last day of one of my classes at F.I.T. This class was a bit intense and tedious so I am overly excited it is over. I had several issues with trying to get my photos printed, but at the end of the day everything worked out. I got a fantastic approval from my teacher and the class so I am ready to move on ::wipes forehead:: for a minute I was a bit worried.

This shoot "The Wall Street" shoot took a while to get off the ground. The photographer (who is great by the way) and I have been in talk with this for a while like months and we were finally able to execute it last week. After 7 hours (including makeup, hair, shooting and wardrobe changes for 4 looks) we were all dead tired, but I believe the final project was worth it. Below are two of the shots from the shoot. Let me know your thoughts.

(will be added soon)

Moving right along, so my older sister whose a fabulous web designer and owns her own massage business with her husband bought me a web domain today. I'm super excited. It definitely made my day. My frown was smiling because http://www.yannid.net/ is official as of tomorrow hehe. How exciting. Gotta start somewhere right? So she is going to hook it up and my lovely line sister Jess T. is going to hook up this blog spot for me. So watch out yall because I will be styling and profiling in no time :-).

Now this brings me to what I am trying to accomplish with this new blog spot and new found webpage. I am still on the blurry tip on where my future is going, but what I honestly do know is that fashion, styling, anything along those lines is where I would like to be. I still have so much more to learn so everyday will be a learning process as time goes on and eventually it will all come together. At least that is the hope. So you my lovely ppl (and some not so lovely) will see this journey unfold depending on how long you all choose to follow me. Either way it does not make or break me or my decision to do this because I am truly blessed.

With that being said I am hoping to generate interest from up and coming people such as myself in the industry, people who are established, loyal bloggers and fashionistas. You name it I welcome it. Networking is key and a blog can open a thousand doors. So we shall see.

This concludes my first blog on Yanni D's blog spot. Afterall, I still work at a plantation to pay bills. Being as fabulous as I am is not making the big bucks right now lol, but it will one day. Until another day....

Nite Nite!


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